Mary Ann S.

Brooke is highly competent and compassionate. She listens and is a good communicator who teaches as well as treats. I highly recommend Brooke.

Norma C.

My experience with Brooke was amazing! She knew exactly how to help me with things in my life that doctors couldn’t pinpoint. She is such a beautiful soul that not only listens, but gives you tools to overcome obstacles that life gives you. I felt so much better with my first visit. Thank you Brooke!!

Nicole H.

Brooke is a lovely soul and very intuitive and receptive. Reiki acupressure, reflexology. And other modalities 💚 feeling much better 💚 Emotional Spiritually Mentally Physically Well worth it.

Carolyn W.

My initial meeting with Brooke Chang Reiki Therapy was 2 years ago. Brooke was kind enough to volunteer her services to Cancer patients at the hospital. After a few sessions I was hooked. Brooke’s Reiki Therapy helped me to relax so that my body could recover and heal from the constant chemotherapy. After a few sessions of Reiki it helped facilitate my body in relaxing, healing and becoming more creative. When I arrived each time for Reiki my body was always tense and tired, by the end of each session I felt completely rejuvenated. Brooke has a special touch, coupled with her patience an compassion for people. She’s one of a kind. She always take the time to find out your individual needs, problems and ailments and gives you treatment based on your needs. She takes precise and meticulous notes so that no details are ever overlooked. She never rushes with her patients and always gives you the time and attention you deserve. Not to mention her prices are more than fair. If your looking for an excellent Reiki Practitioner Brooke Chang Reiki Therapy is where you want to go, not to mention she has a special connection with animals. She did some therapy on my Manchester Terrier after a surgery and it helped to facilitate his healing. Brooke is amazing as a person and Reiki Practitioner. Treat yourself today, don’t delay. It will be a decision you’ll be happy you made. And your body and mind will thank you in ways you can’t begin to imagine. Carolyn Wilson

James T.

My reiki sessions with Brooke Chang have helped tremendously with stress and the physical manifestations and pain it can cause. Her work is very effective. My session with Brooke was relaxing and revitalizing. Her energy and hands helped me clear some blockages and gain awareness in this time of healing for me. I was feeling some pain from stress and the warm energy from her hands helped relieve it. I liked when she took time to talk with me after the treatment.


Marianne L., Reiki Master

Before the session with Brooke, I knew there was something special about her spirit and was hoping I would have the great fortune to be worked on by her. I knew when Brooke began to work on me this would be something special and it was. I felt this clearing and movement of energy through my body. It took me to a deep special place. A place on rare occasions can be accessed with some help. I remember when she completed our time together, I felt a special awareness and openness to myself. When you have a session with her, have no expectations because you will come out knowing that you attained what you needed to in that short period of time with Brooke.

Jennifer G.

I would be most delighted to give a testimonial, because you are a very clear channel for Reiki and the energy that comes through is very warm and golden and vibrant and has excellent healing benefit!