Becky C.

Three Reiki hands

I found Brooke and Reiki at a pivotal point in my life. I was grieving the loss of my husband, and needed something, but wasn’t sure what that something was. I felt lost and overwhelmed. I had no previous experience with Reiki and was not sure what to expect. I found Brooke to be warm, engaging, and very knowledgeable. She has a natural gift and truly is a healer. Brooke offers a unique healing experience, one which I’ve never encountered before. Each session with Brooke was extremely relaxing, as if I just had a 2 hour massage. I thoroughly felt ‘lighter’ after each session. Reiki has helped me to lower my stress and anxiety, improve my sleep, assist me with releasing negative emotions, increase my intuition, and most importantly, grieve. I feel very fortunate to have Brooke in my life and I highly recommend her. She is truly a Godsend.

Published by Brooke Chang Reiki Therapy

“We help you maintain wellness, a balanced health, and manage your medical conditions through healing touch and holistic healing practices.” Brooke Chang is a Certified Reiki Master, and has been practicing Reiki Therapy since 2012. Brooke gained extensive experience in Reiki Therapy at the Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, CA. She is certified in advanced Reiki methods, including Reikiatsu Therapy (meridian energy work), Tera-Mai™ Seichem Therapy (Egyptian energy work), and Reiki Distant Healing, and trained in Polarity Therapy and Ear Reflexology (reflex zones), as well as Trauma Informed Practice. She also provides Animal Reiki Therapy to your beloved animal companions. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, and International Reiki Organization. She further earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Science from Brandeis University. Brooke is available by appointment at (951) 821-0825 or