My experience with Brooke was amazing! She knew exactly how to help me with things in my life that doctors couldn’t pinpoint. She is such a beautiful soul that not only listens, but gives you tools to overcome obstacles that life gives you. I felt so much better with my first visit. Thank you Brooke!!

Norma C.

Brooke is a lovely soul and very intuitive and receptive. Reiki acupressure, reflexology. And other modalities 💚 feeling much better 💚 Emotional Spiritually Mentally Physically Well worth it.

Nicole H.

Brooke is a wonderful Reiki practitioner. I had the pleasure of initially being introduced to Brooke while going to the hospital for immunotherapy. After that I started going to her place of business. My experience was wonderful and in some ways unexplainable. My mental health had improved, my sense of well-being and my creativity. Anyone that has not had the opportunity to experience the benefits of Reiki should. It will make a difference in your life and your health.

Carolyn W.

My reiki sessions with Brooke Chang have helped tremendously with stress and the physical manifestations and pain it can cause. Her work is very effective. My session with Brooke was relaxing and revitalizing. Her energy and hands helped me clear some blockages and gain awareness in this time of healing for me. I was feeling some pain from stress and the warm energy from her hands helped relieve it. I liked when she took time to talk with me after the treatment.


James T.

Before the session with Brooke, I knew there was something special about her spirit and was hoping I would have the great fortune to be worked on by her. I knew when Brooke began to work on me this would be something special and it was. I felt this clearing and movement of energy through my body. It took me to a deep special place. A place on rare occasions can be accessed with some help. I remember when she completed our time together, I felt a special awareness and openness to myself. When you have a session with her, have no expectations because you will come out knowing that you attained what you needed to in that short period of time with Brooke.

Marianne L., Reiki Master

I would be most delighted to give a testimonial, because you are a very clear channel for Reiki and the energy that comes through is very warm and golden and vibrant and has excellent healing benefit!

Jennifer G.