Holly T.

I’m really happy I decided to try Reiki and found Brooke, specifically. Although it has its place, I have come to realize that so many of the life issues we have, cannot be healed by western medicine. Eastern approaches recognize the energetic field within our bodies. To me, it makes sense that this is the origin of many of our issues and also the path to true healing. Brooke has a level of consciousness that allows her the ability to recognize and work with this energy inside of us. With Brooke, it does not just stop there. She cares about her clients and really takes the time to communicate with them, which for me sometimes comes in the form of life coaching. Not only do I benefit physically and energetically, I also gain insight and learn skills myself. I always look forward to my sessions and leave feeling like I healed and grew a little more each time. Thank you Brooke, for doing what you do!

Neil M.

I have stage IV cancer with many side effects from the treatment. My Reiki sessions with Brooke have been a godsend and have provided me with substantial relief from the side effects. I always feel so much better after the sessions. In addition, Brooke is such a wonderful person to work with, so empathetic and understanding. She has my highest recommendation.

Steven A.

I have had several sessions with Brooke now, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She always plans time into the sessions for a pre-treatment consultation, so a one-hour reiki session usually ends up being an hour and fifteen. I find her to be professional and most sympathetic. I have had some symptoms of a fairly rare blood disease, and those symptoms have improved substantially since I’ve been working with Brooke.

Michael R.

My experience with Brooke has changed my life for the better. I had never been to a Reiki nor knew exactly what to expect but I am extremely glad I made the first step in my current journey. She is an extremely caring and honest person with the soul of a healer.

Jonas A.

In just one session, Brooke helped me in so many ways. For several months, I had been dealing with severe chronic hives on a daily basis due to endocrinologic imbalances caused by a brain tumor. Almost immediately after our reiki session my hives began to disappear. By that evening they were completely gone. It has been over a week and not a single occurrence. Being diagnosed with a brain tumor has been such an emotional roller coaster but meeting Brooke was the most (third) eye (lol) opening experience. My overall outlook & well being has turned around for the better and I have Brooke to thank for that! I have brain surgery coming next month but I will be planning my pre-op session with Brooke first.

Teresa I.

Brooke is absolutely amazing! Brooke is such a nice and caring person, she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. For anyone looking for some inner healing, go to her. She is the best!

Lisa P.

Brooke Chang is an amazing healer. I decided to give her a try while in Rancho Mirage for the Holidays. I found her to be a breath of fresh air as she is professional, knowledgeable, supportive and offers needed direction along your journey. Give her a try you’ll be happy you did!!

Ally B.

Beginning Reiki with Brooke has brought me to a much clearer place of healing. I had never even heard of Reiki before working with Brooke and was definitely skeptical of what I didn’t understand! Brooke has so much experience healing people and working with them to get them on their path of healing. Everyone is different but Brooke makes sure to personalize treatment to your specific needs. Within my Reiki treatment, I have also learned crucial skills that will help further my healing journey like breathing exercises, meditation practice, and just learning how to be still. Brooke also has an extensive knowledge about crystal healing and can help to direct or suggest stones to use on your own time. Brooke has helped me personally with my depression, anxiety, insomnia and additionally with the healing of my nose. To add more context, I broke my nose when I was a child and the neurological damage took away my sense of taste and smell. With Brooke’s help I have been able to get sensation back in my nose which is something I genuinely never thought I would feel again. Healing aside, Brooke is an incredible professional within her business and is very compassionate towards her clients. I consider myself very lucky to have been treated by her. Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with Brooke. You will not be disappointed!!

Becky C.

I found Brooke and Reiki at a pivotal point in my life. I was grieving the loss of my husband, and needed something, but wasn’t sure what that something was. I felt lost and overwhelmed. I had no previous experience with Reiki and was not sure what to expect. I found Brooke to be warm, engaging, and very knowledgeable. She has a natural gift and truly is a healer. Brooke offers a unique healing experience, one which I’ve never encountered before. Each session with Brooke was extremely relaxing, as if I just had a 2 hour massage. I thoroughly felt ‘lighter’ after each session. Reiki has helped me to lower my stress and anxiety, improve my sleep, assist me with releasing negative emotions, increase my intuition, and most importantly, grieve. I feel very fortunate to have Brooke in my life and I highly recommend her. She is truly a Godsend.

Alice T.

Brooke welcomed me with an open mind and gracious heart. She is respectful, punctual and organized. I mention this because she maintains a tidy business process in order that she may serve you at her best. Not only is Brooke a Reiki therapist, she is also a teacher and generous with her knowledge. Not only will she work to heal your body she will diligently help you to heal your soul. I have enormous trust and faith in the teachings and skill that Brooke brings to every session. I am so grateful for her desire to help me with my personal growth and healing. Thank you Brooke for bringing your best and sharing your depth of knowledge with me. Always grateful, Alice Tulin