Services Available

* Gentle Touch/Hands-on and Hands-off Reiki Therapy (Certified) – An ancient science

* Oncology (cancer) Reiki Therapy  (Certified) – Supporting your body

*Reikiatsu Therapy – Clearing your meridians

* Chakra Clearing – Balancing your energy

* Intuitive Energy Readings – Harmonizing your soul

*Reiki Distant Healing (Certified) – Healing from a distance

Holistic Spiritual Counseling & Healing – Healing your soul

* Animal Reiki Therapy – Healing for your pet companions

* Aromatherapy Treatments – Healing through scent

* Crystal Healing Therapy – Help from Mother Earth

40, 50, or 60 minutes Reiki Therapy Sessions Available

40, 50, or 60 minutes Reiki Distant Healing Sessions Available

30 or 45 minutes Animal (pet companion) Reiki Therapy Sessions Available

images (9)images (10) Brooke Chang is a Certified Reiki Master, Certified Oncology Reiki Practitioner, and Animal Reiki Practitioner

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Please see blog post:  “What to Expect During Your First Reiki Therapy Session?”

Services Available By Appointment, please use contact form.

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Complementary healing arts, such as Reiki therapy, do not require licensing by the State of California