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Receive 10% off Your Next (one) Session
when you purchase a gift certificate for a family or friend
. (Save up to $12)

Receive 10% off Your Next (one) Session
when you refer a family or friend and ask them to identify you as their referral.
(Save up to $12)

Receive 5% off Your Next (one) Session
when you join our Loyal Customer Program by following the Brooke Chang Reiki Blog that shares with new and existing clients articles about Reiki Therapy and special offers. Just sign up at the bottom of this page! (Save up to $6)

** The above deals and special offers cannot be combined with other offers or existing discounts. If you qualify for two discounts, you will receive the benefit of the larger discount. Refunds are not available after purchase. All deals and offers are subject to change in the future without notice.

Please contact Brooke Chang Reiki Therapy about these deals and special offers or for a consultation or appointment at (951) 821-0825, or

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