Holistic Approach to Healing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Article by Reiki Master Brooke Chang

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused terrible anxiety, distress, and fear for many of us.  Staying home bound for weeks at a time can be distressing to say the least.  The best strategy to cope with this pandemic is a holistic approach to healing, including the energetic, psychological, and physical. Healing from just one perspective cannot give us complete healing as all these aspects are interconnected, and must be addressed in totality.  Our emotional landscape created from our psychological experiences translates to energy within our energy fields or auras. The negative psychological experiences stored in our energy fields result in blockages or stagnant energy in our energy centers, including our chakras and meridians.  These energy blockages remain in our physical body where we may experience physical pain, ailments, and disease.

During my own healing work, I found that through energy practices we can heal past emotional wounds from energetic blockages within our energy centers.  Energy practices include, Reiki therapy, meridian work, chakra balancing, crystal healing, energy medicine, acupuncture, Chi Gong, just to name a few.  However, it is the psychological approach that changes our behaviors and thinking so as to avoid current and future emotional injuries, through spiritual counseling and healing practices, meditation, psychotherapy, regression therapy, hypnosis, dream analysis, behavioral therapy, addiction work, and art and music therapies.  Finally, our physical health requires regular exercise, walking or spending time in nature, yoga practice, bodywork/massage, and healthy diet to maintain a healthy balance of the mind, body, and spirit.

During the Coronavirus quarantine, there are things you can do to continue your self healing at home.  Eat a healthy diet by preparing your own meals, and avoid eating processed food.  Exercise everyday, such as walking in nature, cleaning your house, or doing yoga at home through an online yoga program.  Continue your Emotional Release Practice or meditation practice while you are home to help cope with anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions caused by this pandemic. Finally, paint, draw, listen to calming music, or engage in a project that you never had time to do to help calm the mind during periods of distress while quarantined.

Most people focus on one aspect of healing. Our society tends to focus on physical health to stay thin and fit.  Those in the spiritual community tends to focus on energy practice. However, I believe that a holistic approach is necessary to reach a healthy mind-body-spirit balance.  At Brooke Chang Reiki Therapy, we incorporate energy practice such as Reiki therapy, chakra balancing, meridian clearing (a form of acupressure), and zone therapy (a form of reflexology), with encouragement of emotional healing and healthy lifestyle to help you find balance for your mind, body, and spirit.

Please contact Brooke Chang Certified Reiki Master for a consultation or appointment at (951) 821-0825,  or Contact Form. Please see Available Services at Brooke Chang Reiki Therapy. (Copyright 2020 Brooke Chang Reiki Therapy with All Rights Reserved)

Please Note: This article is provided for informational purposes only, and not intended as specific holistic health advice to the reader. Therefore, reading this article does not create a practitioner/client relationship. Reiki Therapy is meant to be used as a complement to traditional care, and does not substitute for qualified medical or traditional care.

Published by Brooke Chang Reiki Therapy

“We help you maintain wellness, a balanced health, and manage your medical conditions through healing touch and holistic healing practices.” Brooke Chang is a Certified Reiki Master, and has been practicing Reiki Therapy since 2012. Brooke gained extensive experience in Reiki Therapy at the Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, CA. She is certified in advanced Reiki methods, including Reikiatsu Therapy (meridian energy work), Tera-Mai™ Seichem Therapy (Egyptian energy work), and Reiki Distant Healing, and trained in Polarity Therapy and Ear Reflexology (reflex zones), as well as Trauma Informed Practice. She also provides Animal Reiki Therapy to your beloved animal companions. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals, and International Reiki Organization. She further earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Science from Brandeis University. Brooke is available by appointment at (951) 821-0825 or www.BrookeChangReiki.com/contact.

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