What is Holistic Spiritual Counseling and Healing?


Article By Reiki Master Brooke Chang

In addition to Reiki therapy treatments, Brooke Chang Reiki Master offers Holistic Counseling & Healing.  She utilizes different modalities to align your life force and keep your body and spirit in balance through her intuitive, integrative, and holistic approach.

Generally, Reiki therapy releases and removes energy blockages or stagnant energy from your chakras, meridians, and aura (energy field) caused by suppressed and repressed emotions. This may result in physical, mental, or emotional suffering, illness, or sickness.  Reiki therapy treatments can dissolve or release these energy blockages.  However, we continue to create new energy blockages by continuing to suppress feelings or emotions every day.

Holistic Spiritual Counseling & Healing in conjunction with Reiki Therapy release suppressed feelings and emotions so new energy blockages do not continue to form in your energy field/aura, chakras, and meridians.  This holistic and integrative approach can help speed your recovery from physical illnesses and sickness, and emotional trauma and injuries.

Please contact Brooke Chang Certified Reiki Master for a consultation or appointment at (951) 821-0825, brookechangreiki@outlook.com, or Contact Form. Please see Available Services at Brooke Chang Reiki Therapy. (Copyright 2020 Wan Brooke Chang with All Rights Reserved)

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